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Up-Helly-Aa Fire Festival and The Scottish Isles – Orkney and Shetland – 10 nights (subject to availability)

What you will see

  • Edinburgh
  • Orkney
  • St Magnus Cathedral
  • Earl’s Palace
  • Skara Brae
  • Standing Stones of Stenness
  • The Ring of Brodgar
  • Scapa Flow
  • Tomb of the Eagles
  • St Margaret’s Hope
  • Single malt distilleries
  • Shetland – Mousa
  • Festival of Up Helly Aa
  • Trondra, West Burr and East Burra
  • Busta House and Scalloway Castle
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • National Museum of Scotland
  • Holyrood House

What you will experience

  • Admire the vibrant capital city,medieval castles, picturesque towns and villages
  • Visit archaeological sites including a 9th-century Viking-Age settlement, Standing Stones and 12th-century monastery, Prehistoric and Norse Settlement – including oval-shaped Bronze Age houses, Iron Age broch and wheelhouses, Viking long houses, medieval farmstead, 16th century laird’s house, Tomb of the Eaglesand ancient Norse town
  • Fly to Shetland
  • Learn about one of Britain’s most historic stretches of water
  • Tour the classic single malt distilleries and visit rich arts and crafts centres
  • Travel to the most northerly town in Scotland
  • Experience the Festival of Up Helly Aa
  • Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh Castle, National Museum of Scotland and Holyrood House