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Incentives Package

Break an official Guinness World Records record with Guinness World Records (TM) Team Challenge. Host an event with an eccentric British twist… 221b Baker St. the home of Sherlock Holmes. Speed boat down the River Thames, see the sights that London has to offer and hear fascinating true stories about the life and times of author Ian Fleming, the history of the British Secret Service and James Bond. Dine in The Old Bank of England with its opulent interior and ornate furnishings. Discover how to create an entrepreneurial mindset for your employees with Sahar Hashemi: Co-founder of Coffee Republic and Skinny Candy

Tell us what your needs:

We will work with you to gain a broad understanding of the stakeholders involved, the business outcomes required and any specifications you may have around style, location, quality level or budget. Whether you are working to tight budgets or you would like to impress your travelling customers, we will have some competitive and exciting suggestions for you.