Platonic Parenting: Why Non-Romantic Partners Raise Kids Together

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That can be a lot to ask of one person, and “many relationships are buckling under the strain”, adds Finkel. Many sign parenting agreements with the help of lawyers or family coaches to crystallize rules and lay out what is non-negotiable. There’s religion, but also what happens if either co-parent begins dating or gets married? And there’s the day-to day, like how finances are handled and what disciplinary approach will be taken. A platonic arrangement is a type of sugar dating when the relationship between a SB and a SD/SM is based on romantic companionship and doesn’t necessarily include an intimate relationship.

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You like the love and care

There are many reasons why would anyone choose to have a platonic relationship. The definition of a platonic relationship is very interesting and also very beautiful. Imagine having someone who is loyal to you, loves you, and will be there to listen and support you. If he starts asking about your personal information, demands to send him some money or pics – ignore him or block him, he is not your sugar daddy. Understanding someone is the key to all successful relationships, and the same goes for sugar relationships. If you want to build a stable platonic sb/sd relationship, you don’t have to rely on your sex appeal, but rather on your personality. All you need to do then is to make sure your sugar daddy is someone who is nice and caring, and willing to provide you with financial support. However, if he starts telling you personal things, confiding about his family relationships, then you have chosen the right one.

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